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Maxwell customers enjoy the benefits of AskMax, an online client portal. Through this portal, Maxwell customers can access various reports, monitor their orders, and more.

As a Maxwell customer, we’ll provide you with login details for AskMax. Once you have those credentials, we recommend you watch the following short tutorial videos to learn how to use AskMax.

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Training for maxwell customers

“Mars New Zealand have officially gone live with two new warehouses. This has been the combined effort of the 55+ project team / steering team members, including Phil Donnithorne, Phil Nicholls, Dan Patrick and Kevin Oxtoby from Maxwell.

Without your dedication and hard work, this project would not have gotten to the finish line, or had such smooth go-lives. The whole team really pulled together to make these ambitions plans a reality, so once again, thank you very much.”

 – Ben Keenan, Deployment Project Manager