CoviD-19 / H&S

Our Commitment

From 13 April 11.59pm New Zealand is at the Orange Traffic Light setting. This means that household contacts of Covid-19 positive cases will be able to return to work early, provided they return a negative RAT every day that they are at work throughout their required isolation period.

H&S Management

COVID-19 / Business continuity plan

Key parts of the Maxwell Logistics Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan:

  1. In the event of distribution centre staff absences due to staff being cases, we have:
    1. An arrangement to have at least one hour between the day shift finishing and the night shift starting so our two shifts are distinct;
    2. An arrangement where staff on each shift will remain in bubbles to limit contact with other staff;
    3. An arrangement where staff can cover other staff’s roles – we have implemented cross-training and role-sharing;
    4. An arrangement with several labour hire businesses to provide additional staff;
    5. A cleaning procedure detailing the required frequency of cleaning of material handling equipment, doors, recycling bins etc.
  2. In the event of customer service, IT and financial staff absences due to staff being cases, close contacts or contacts we have:
    1. Set up two bubbles – staff separated by their office’s location;
    2. Set up remote work stations so staff can work from home.
  3. In the event of supply shortages of items we need to run our distribution centre we have:
    1. Ordered an increased number of Chep pallets;
    2. Ordered an increased number of stretch film and labels.
  4. In the event of transport providers operating at reduced capacity we have:
    1. Made arrangements with various transport providers who service areas we distribute to and they are on notice that we may require their services.
  5. In the event that our container unload team is operating at reduced capacity we have:
    1. Made arrangements with our staff to role-share;
    2. Ordered portaloos to enable the devanning staff to remain in their bubble.
  6. Visitors to our distribution centres:
    1. We want to limit visitors to our distribution centres;
    2. Customer collections – these will not be permitted at Red;
    3. All visitors must sign in / out at reception.

Our BCP is evolving and is a work in progress. Our staff are leading by example and wearing masks when not working alone, washing hands, keeping a distance of 1 metre from each other.

H&S Management

staying safe

Maxwell Logistics is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our staff. We work closely with Canterbury workplace safety experts, Health and Safety Systems, to ensure that we’re operating in the safest way possible.

We maintain a comprehensive risk register, bespoke online induction processes, and a series of robust policies and procedures (including mental health and pandemic response policies) to make sure every member of the Maxwell team is healthy, safe and happy.